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Wisdom Of The Heart

Christine Breese, Ph.D. is the founder of Wisdom Of The Heart and also University of Metaphysical Sciences. University of Metaphysical Sciences is a program of the church. Ministers of the church are ordained through the training program at the university.

Wisdom Of The Heart Church was created in 2002 and has grown greatly as time has gone on. In the very beginning 6 years ago, Wisdom Of The Heart Church started out in a small room with only a few people gathering on Sunday mornings. However, the membership grew and it turned into a very large group of members gathering every Sunday morning for fellowship, meditation and contemplation on spiritual matters.

Services start with a short opening period of silence. Then a guided meditation begins and participants are guided on an inner journey of healing, self inquiry or exploration. Different facilitators lead these meditations, and every meditation is different, each facilitator bringing his or her own unique style and flavor to the experience.

After the meditation is completed, approximately 20-25 minutes, members are encouraged to share something wise they learned that week that they would like to share with everyone there. A "talking stick" is passed around the circle and each person gives some pearl of wisdom to the group. All are teachers.

After the sharing period, a final prayer is offered, everyone is welcome to speak their prayer into the circle, and all requests in the prayer circle on paper from absentee people are energized. The prayer is closed with three utterances of Aum and the service is adjourned. The whole service takes one our.

Then we eat and be merry and enjoy each other's company!

Wisdom Of The Heart Church is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that can accept donations and offer tax deductible receipts. If you would like to make a donation, please visit our donation page at Wisdom Of The Heart Donations Form

Christine Breese has created the online ezine Starlight Journal and produced and directed the series Spirit Talk TV, A Metaphysical Talk Show.