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Christine Breese, Ph.D. visits now and then and posts her experiences. This part of the site is still under construction as we update her entries from archives.

December 2007,
Happy Holidays and May you have an Excellent New Year!

This wraps up the year of 2007! I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a happy new year. This year seems to have been a challenge for a lot of people. The stars have gone mad or something. It wasn't a negative year, but it was a year of growth and challenges that have made everyone who went through them stronger. Adversity builds character! This was a perfect opportunity to exercise still mind and put into practice all that we know as spiritual beings, a year of testing our true adherence to being in the now moment, no matter what is happening.

I found that the challenges of 2007 were a blessing to me, though. They caused me to put into place better company policies at the university, learn more about trusting spirit to guide us with love, and have made me quite knowledgeable about things I never even knew existed before. The challenges of 2007 were a blessing in disguise!

May 2008 be a year where we can all rest a little and enjoy each other's company instead of being too busy keeping up with an ever moving timeline that doesn't seem to be slowing down!


November 2007 - Minneapolis Edge Life Expo

The Edge Life Expo was wonderful! It was the first expo I ever attended and it was really fun to build the booth. I enjoyed creating it. And everyone came over to tell us how much they liked it. We used lace, white christmas lights, and purple flowers and vines to wrap around everything, with a lace canopy overhead.

The attendees of the Edge Life Expo were all so beautiful and kind. I made many connections there and met some of the students who attend the University of Metaphysical Sciences. What lovely people they are, and one of them had me in stitches with laughter because she was just so funny! Like minded folks are a treat to be around.


More to come, still under construction...


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Christine Breese

Christine Breese